ELOC Global Partners Inc.
Private Equity and Venture Capitalist for Small Businesses

Making Small businesses profitable again, one small business at a time.


At ELOC we do not talk about how to make small businesses profitable; we live it one business at a time.


ELOC Global Partners Inc.

Eloc Global Partners, Inc. is a Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm that specializes in small business acquisition, creation and turn around. Based in Atlanta Ga.


Business Model

Success is in the very business DNA of Eloc Global Partners because of the type of services that makes up the core business groups.

Our business model is powered by simplicity.

Our Partners have access to our Global Workforce, this not only reduce their cost but also increases their efficiencies and grows their profits.


Test Drive Eloc Global Partners Inc.

Eloc Global Partners Inc. will absorb 100% of your risk. Our Acquisition Partners can " Test Drive" the relationship first. Our predetermined percentage of ownership is based on mutually agreed benchmarks. We provided in advance hundreds of thousands of dollars in man-hour and expertise, Our Lead Generation Teams, Our Accountants and Attorneys, Our World Class SEO, Web Design and Digital Marketing Teams. Our Global Workforce all with zero risks to our Acquisition Partners. If we do not hit the predetermined benchmarks then no equity is exchanged.

Bringing a world of opportunities to
to small businesses


Bringing a world of opportunity to small businesses

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ELOC Global Partners, Inc. HQ
1201 West Peachtree Street
Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30309

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