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We are Eloc Global Partners, LLLP and we love what we do. We are located in Atlanta, GA 30309. Call us at 4044588790

At ELOC, we do not talk about how to make small businesses profitable; we live it one business at a time.


To enter into a niche market by starting or acquiring a company and then bringing all of ELOC's business assets to the support of the new or newly acquired company.

This replicable and proven system improves the company's revenues, greatly decreases its expenses, and increases the company's net profit..

Core Strategy

To maximize profits by using the assets and features of all companies to support and grow its sister companies.

Thus, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This gives all of the businesses the resources and the advantages of a much larger international company while keeping each individual company nimble and lean so that each can quickly adjust to market opportunities.


Wilson Cole

Founder & CEO of Adams, Evens & Ross, Inc.

A Serial Entrepreneur

Wilson Cole lives in Atlanta with his wife of more than 21years and their four daughters. He has spent more than half of his life expanding and managing over a dozen successful businesses during his twenty-five year entrepreneurial career. Wilson's vast experience has included being honored by Inc Magazine as the CEO of an INC 500 Company. Other INC 500 CEO honorees have included Bill Gates of Microsoft and Larry Olson of Oracle. In 2007, Wilson was named the Billion Dollar Man by a leading trade magazine, because his companies had helped its partners and clients to generate in excess of One Billion Dollars in revenues over a ten year period. Wilson has demonstrated his understanding and vast knowledge of small business in the US Federal Bankruptcy Court when he has testified as an expert witness at the request of a trustee in bankruptcy. Wilson has been published in multiple magazines and newspapers, has been the keynote speaker at national events, and has spoken to tens of thousands of small business owners across the nation. He has also participated in nationally broadcast round table discussions with such business icons as Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, and Gordon Bizar. Wilson is also a founding board member of a well-known international non-profit charity. Wilson holds a black belt in martial arts and credits his martial arts background for much of his business success. While most business people mistakenly believe that they must do a thousand different things to be successful, martial arts taught Wilson to find five to ten that work with each other and perfect them by doing them a thousand times. He applies that strategy to ELOC every day as he expands or acquires a business, which, in turn, supports another business in the ELOC family.


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