Handling Wilson Email

Handling Wilson's Emails


I am getting buried in my day, ( I know you are as well on the BDH Emails I am working on a solution for that issue ).

(Roland, please see the examples below. Please create emails for Janine in Zoho so she can send the emails from Zoho. Name them by starting the name of the emails with Janine. So, for example, Janine, a client asked for an update).

You are to give me full details in your end of the day request that Steven Smith called and wanted XXXX. For example, let's say they asked for a Legal update you would give me the details that I have to email him and I have requested a legal update from Rove and Amber. Then you are to change the rating in zoho to Janine is handling for Wilson. So I know what you are handling. After the issue is resolved you are to change the rating to None

I need for you to be more active with my Emails. I want you to handle and respond to 90% of all of my emails so I do not have to.

For example:

All new account are sent to Rovie and then move the email to New account

1. If someone is asking for an update on Legal

1.a. I will ask you to respond with:
This is Janine, I am Wilson's Assistant. I wanted you to know I have asked Legal to get an update for you on your account. Once they are sent to the attorney it may take a day or two for the attorney to follow up after our request is sent. Below I have pasted the lasted notes that we had formed our last update.

1.b. Then I want to clip and paste the last 2 updates from the collection notes in the bottom of your email so the client has at least that update.

1.c. Then you are to email Amber and Rovie requesting an update for the client. You are to update the collection notes that you have requested an update from Amber and Rovie.

1.d. You are to calendar and stay with this YOURSELF until Rovie and Amber get it resolved. If they have not gotten back to you with 2 days, your are to email the client and let him know we are working on it and then you are to email Amber and asked her to update the client asap per Wilson.

2. If someone says Wilson I need to talk to you about an issue,
You are to email them and tell them you are my assistant and ask them to set up an appointment either 4 pm Eastern today or tomorrow at 930, 1030, then book in my calendar.

3. If someone asked about when they will receive a payment that we have already received. Then you are to email them and tell them that you are my assistant and you have email Roland in Accounting and Roland will follow up with you on when to expect payment. ( I will create a special email for you on this one as well in a few weeks.

If a team member in teh E-commerce Department has an issue or needs to update please forward that to Ally.

If a debtor ask where or how to send a payment you are to email them and send a FedEx Email ( Roland will make you on of these as well).

If there is a voice mail from a client and they want to talk to me then you are to cross-reference to see if they are in Zoho and if they have an email address then you email them and set up an appointment for me to talk to them between 4-5 today or 10-11 the following morning.

If someone emails me and it is not clear what they want then email them back and ask for more details and handle accordingly.

If they need a collection update then email them the collection update. Note in collection notes that you email them and they requested an update.

Remember at the end of the day I want a FULL DETAILED summary of what was done. My goal is you are to handle 95% of all of my emails and either handle the issue. Forward to the correct team member ( stay with it until it is resolved ) or set up an appointment for me to talk to the client or debtor at a certain time. Book between 4 and 5 for the same day or 10-11 the following morning ( if possible ).

Please confirm receipt of this email and you understand what I want.

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