Q & A Sales Questions

Q & A Sales Questions for AER

  1. Q: What do you do different that we would do?
    A: First we assess the debtor by running a credit check. If things are looking like there is a risk of the debtor filing bankruptcy we will send our team to their physical location to do a asset assessment. They will introduce themselves to the principals ans let them know that you have hired us to collect the debt. You as our client also have the benefit of our in house attorney working completely for free until we get paid.

  2. Q: How long till I get paid?
    A: Typically our clients are seeing funds within 3 months, a lot of the time it is much sooner

  3. Q: Do you offer a free trial?
    A: We do one better, We offer you 90 days money back and we only charge 1 dollar for the first month.

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